Wednesday 9th October

09:00WelcomeNitin Mantri President, ICCO & Group CEO, Avian WE

Francis Ingham Chief Executive, ICCO & Director General, PRCA

09:20Opening Keynote – The new brand loyalty: respect

Melissa Waggener Zorkin, Global CEO & Founder, WE Communications

Consumer expectations about how brands use technology, behave in the world and express their purpose are steadily rising. To thrive in the consumer revolution, brands must accept a new brand loyalty – driven by more than product or customer service—what’s needed is a shared understanding of humanity and respect.

09:45Reimagining PR and organizational communications in a digitally driven worldSujit Patil, Vice President and Head Corporate Brand and Communications, Godrej Group

Digital has taken the PR world by storm and is no longer just a buzz word. Sujit will talk about how the Godrej communications team has adapted to a ‘Digital PR’ philosophy by defining it, simplifying it, and rolling out an impactful 6 step strategy map to establish India’s first in house ‘Digital PR’ vertical in their PR arsenal. He will discuss campaigns that had some brilliant business impacts, the competencies required for PR folks in this transformation and the new roles that a communicator need to adapt to, for raising the bar of organizational communications.

10:15Healthcare Comms in a No-Nuance AgeChristina Clinton, Former VP Global Communications, Bayer AG

With a wealth of experience agency and client side for a range of blue-chip healthcare and pharma companies, Christina will explore how to effectively maintain integrity and reputation in an industry under the microscope, in which responding viral grassroots movement can be a matter of life and death.

10:50  Networking and refreshment break

11:15The Talent War and How to Win itCountless industry research tells us attracting, retaining and training talented, highly skilled individuals is a PR a challenge extending across borders. The panel explore different strategies for now as well as laying the foundations to crack this issue long term.

Michael Maslov, CEO, Ketchum, Russia
Jane Fordham, Founder, Jane Fordham Consulting

Elise Mitchell, Founder, Mitchell Communications

12:00McCoin – Dissecting the creative process behind the 2019 Cannes Lion Gold campaignFred Cook, Chairman, Golin and Jon Hughes, co-CEO, Golin

Learn the secrets behind making a big idea for a huge client into a reality on a global scale. Fred and Jon dissect the anatomy of the McCoin campaign from inception to delivery, the thought processes, considerations, persuading McDonalds to be brave and international roll out.

12:45Market Snapshot: AfricaIsrael Jaiye Opayemi, MD/Chief Strategist , Chain Reactions Nigeria

Israel will provide a short insight into latest market developments across the continent of Africa

13:00  Networking Lunch

Breakout sessions

14:00Room 1: Communicating complexity
Interview with Gregoire Poisson, CEO, Interel and Boris Azais, MSD, Director, Public Policy Europe & Canada
Conducted by Maja Pawinska Sims, Associate Editor, Holmes Report
Room 2: PR + XR: How Extended Reality can Transform Brand Communication

Candace Kuss, Director of Social Media, H+K and Daniel Cheetham, CEO, Happy Finish

Happy Finish is a global production studio, who specialize in Extended Reality (XR), ie, VR, AR, and AI content. Candace will quiz Daniel on high profile brand use of XR in corporate communications including the transformation of the craft of public relations via a widening digital tool box.

14:45   Networking Refreshment Break

15:05 Room 1Deploying Data Insights for More Effective CommunicationsThe Workshop will address what data communications should be capturing in order to continuously fine tune the way they engage with audience to deliver tangible impact and enable growth

Moderator: Johna Burke, CEO, AMEC Speakers:
Daniel Schauber, Marketing Data Expert, Facebook
Andy West, Group Chief Development Officer, Hotwire
Richard Bagnall, Co-Managing Partner, CEO – Europe and the Americas , CARMA
Francisco Ascensao, Chief Exeuctive, Youzz
Emma Hopkinson, Vice President – Insights, Cision

15:05 Room 2‘No one joined a PR agency to write a business plan’ – winning at the art of agency managementRichard Houghton, Agency Doctor and Crispin Manners,CEO and Founder of Onva Consulting

‘No one joined a PR agency to write a business plan’ – winning at the art of agency management

This practical workshop will address the key drivers to growing a successful agency, from recruiting talent, to service innovation and growing your margins. Based on questions from the audience the workshop will provide top tips and practical guidance that you will be able to implement once you are back at your desk.

Crispin and Richard are authors of Grow, Build, Sell, Live a book that provides practical and implementable guidance on how to manage your consultancy so that you’re in control, and most importantly so that it gives you what you want from your life.

5 Minutes change over


15:55Market Snapshot: Latin AmericaCiro Dias dos Reis, Owner, Corporative Image

A short overview of market challenges and developments in Latin America

16.25Leadership skills to navigate volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguityBrad Staples Global CEO, APCO Worldwide
16:55Close of day 1Nitin Mantri

Thursday 10th October

08:30 – 09:00 Registration & Refreshments

09:30Driving the global PR agenda with strategy, standards, statistics and scienceAlex Aiken, Executive Director for Government Communications Service, UK Government
10:20PR: Allies, rivals and enemiesTraditional distinctions (paid vs earned, retainer vs project work, in-house vs agency) are rapidly dissolving. What is replacing them? Who will flourish and who will fail over the next five years?

Moderator: Julian Boulding, CEO and Founder, thenetworkone
Andreas Fischer-Appelt, CEO and Founder, Fischer-Appelt
Rodolfo Oliveira, Managing Partner, BloomCast Consulting
Anders Wallqvist, CEO and partner of Nowa Kommunikation
Kristina Nikolayeva, Managing Director of Be-It

10:50Reputation ReflexPatricia Fernandes, Director of Global Operational Marketing, Montepio Bank

Patricia has held CMO and marketing roles at UBM, HP, Microsoft and will speak offer insights into the art of reinvention.

11:20Global Women in PR 2019 Survey Results Launch Angela Oakes, Co-founder, Global Woman in PR
Susan Hardwick, Co-founder, Global Woman in PR

11:30  Networking Break

11:50PR Tech LandscapeFred Cook, Chairman, Golin

Fred Cook sets the scene with data from the USC Annenberg Technology Relevance Report being shared for the first time.

12:10Preparing for Artificial Intelligence and Automation Part 1: How is AI impacting the delivery of communication?
Chantal Bowman Boyles, Managing Partner, Finn Partners
Lee Nugent, APAC Director, Archetype
Paul Quigly, CEO, NewsWhip
Moderator: Jim Donaldson, CEO, FlieshmanHillard

Part 2: How is AI impacting agency strategy, structure and relationships?
Barbara Bates, CEO, Hotwire
Fred Cook, Chairman, Golin
Nitin Mantri, CEO, AvianWE and (ICCO President as of Oct 2019)
Moderator: Jim Donaldson, FleishmanHillard UK and Middle East

13.00 – 14.00:  Lunch & Business Networking


14:00 Room1PR is losing the battle for controlEmanuele Nenna,
CEO & Co – Founder of The Big Now, part of the Dentsu Aegis Network
President of UNA – Aziende della Comunicazione Unite

With the huge potential for PR in the converging and connected era, Emanuele will explore what lessons must be learnt from other communications disciplines in order to win the battle for ownership of reputation management and be able to offer everything clients need. The agencies that win the battle will learn from other creative and communication disciplines.

14:00 Room 2Elements of trust in the world of PR The workshop will discuss and analyse the elements in the society that enable ethical business and PR, looking at the roles of media and technology companies. The audience will be regularly invited to share their thoughts about what kind of new capabilities this requires from PR professionals across the markets.
• What are the key elements/institutions in the society that ethical business and ethical PR build on?
• What kind of cultural values support ethical business and PR, and how they must be guarded?
• Which factor erode people’s trust in the media?
What is our common agenda for ethical PR and communications in the future?
• Christina Forsgård
, Chairman, Partner, Netprofile
Isreal Jaiye Opayemi, CEO, Chain Reactions
Pedro Rebello, Digital Strategist, Government of Portugal
Lorenzo Brufani, CEO and Founder, Competence Communications
Tero Kekki, Chairman, Partner, Drum
Moderator: Alpo Räinä, Chairman, MTL Finnish PR Agency Association
14:40Five minutes change over
14:45 Room 1PR2025: Skills and Competences – Lead the TransformationThe risk of a skills development gap looms unless communications teams and agencies properly plan their transition to the near future, and quickly identify the competences required from their teams to maintain confidence and stay relevant. Drawing from on the PR2025 study, Ana Adi will explore which skills will remain essential, which ones will need procuring or training (starting now!) and which technical competences aren’t as important as you may think they are.

Dr Ana Adi, Chair of the Digital Communication Awards

14:45 Room 2Intuition under threat – rise of the data brainWorkshop delivered by Blair Metcalf, CEO, The Agency Partnership

Creativity drives human progress; fundamental to the business of marketing & communications. But, the rise of data threatens the very human components of creativity itself: instinct and intuition. Experts’ intuitive judgements are quicker and less resource intensive than analytical judgements. So, learn how to strike the right balance including recommendations for how to make effective use of instinct and intuition to complement data and analytics in assessing and delivering creative propositions

15:45Five minutes change over


15.50- 16:20 Growth Marketing: exploring the links between engagement and growth Giles Peddy, SVP EMEA Corporate Development.,LEWIS

In an uncertain world, marketers must show certainty more than ever. That is why the focus must be on growth. In this session, Giles will explore the need, now more than ever, to quantify engagement in new ways and show the link to growth. Revealing new findings from a global study of the world’s largest public companies, the presentation will show how and where opportunities exist for marketers to optimize, create, innovate and excel across the marketing ecosystem.

16:20“Your Next Three Critical Hires”Paul Holmes, Founder, The Holmes Report

What are the three often overlooked areas of the business that will be most critical for future success? Paul makes the case for going the extra mile to hire star players in these particular areas:
• Chief data officer
• Chief ethics officer
• Head of behavioural science/neuroscience

16:40Summit Closing Remarks and announcement of 2020 venueNitin Mantri, President, ICCO

16:45  Close