Bianca is an investor, a business builder, economist, and identity expert. She focuses on driving meaningful impact through technology and business and have started 5 companies, led significant digital identity projects and help Companies transform data to unlock financial and social worth. Her central focus is how to rewire finance in the world, using the power of digital identities, ethics, and web3 technology.

Bianca has been fortunate to support over 40 financial institutions, 8 governments, and many Corporates in the reshaping and rethinking of their approach to technology when it comes to the role of identity and how to use that in their innovation agenda.

She manages an international speaking and Board calendar to help business leaders, governments, and people understand the impact of data, privacy, and the opportunity in finance that continues to exist.

Bianca is an early founder of a foundational digital identity company in Brazil that enables financial inclusion and the adoption of PIX, digital Reais and digital assets for all Brazilians.

Currently she is building the next blockchain based, global solution for “Identity for Objects” connecting real world assets with digital identities, from sports and entertainment to real world assets and B2B solutions.

She sits on the Board of the UNESCO’s International Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, and ESG where she facilitates cooperation between developing brands and organisations to build vibrant and ethical AI ecosystem.

Bianca’s journey has been what shaped her to be curious, informed and to have a worldview. She was born in Brazil, educated in Canada, living in Denmark. She speaks multiple languages and has degrees in Finance and Political Science and a master’s in mathematics.