Have a look at what is being discussed on the topic of Fake News around the world

By clicking the link below you can access M-Brain’s new web monitoring tool, M-Live. M-Live monitors in real-time millions of sources world wide including digital media sites, social media platforms, blogs, discussion forums etc. M-Live is an easy to use tool for keeping up-to-date on important topics that matter to you. For more information, please visit: www.m-brain.com/mlive.

M-Brain has built a global monitoring profile specifically for the ICCO Summit in Helsinki on the topic of Fake News. M-Brain monitors what is being discussed all around the world and presents this in real-time using the M-Live dashboard, which you can access free of charge using the link below.

All summit participants will additionally receive an in-depth analysis on the topic produced by the analysis unit of M-Brain.

 » Check it out here!